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I have very pale, very sensitive skin and very pale blue eyes. I’ve been trying to find natural alternatives to use to cleanse, tone and moisturize and also natural alternatives for makeup. I find it difficult enough to find manufactured makeup that suits my colouring and doesn’t end up looking really heavy and unnatural so it’s probably not surprising that I’ve had more success with the former than the latter.

  • First of all -Spots

I used to get break outs of spots all over my chin just about all of the time. A friend advised me to take a vitamin B6 supplement and they completely disappeared! So there’s just a very quick bit of advice – spots on your chin? – try a vitamin B6 supplement. If I do ever feel a spot developing I just sweep some cider vinegar over the area and it usually stops it in its tracks.

  • Cleanse

I have discovered that absolutely the best way to cleanse my skin is with oil and a hot flannel. I use avocado oil most but sometimes macadamia or olive.

I’m not sure about the ethics here though. I come from Scotland – I really don’t know what sort of oil I would have to use in order for it to be locally sourced. I mean our climate is definitely not conducive to any of the above mentioned plants. I’m doing my best to try to rationalise what I use and how I spend my money and also the impact of these things on the environment and other people. Clearly the oils I use have traveled very far to reach me. What do you think about this? Also, I’m fairly ignorant when it comes to oils – if anybody has some advice about the most ethical way I can do this I’d welcome it 🙂 However, if you live in America or the Mediterranean or somewhere like that then you won’t have to worry about this moral conundrum.

These are the types and brands of oil I have in the cupboard at the moment:


Oil removes all makeup – including waterproof, incredibly well. What I usually do is gently put oil all over my face and leave it for a minute – then I put a face cloth / flannel under hot running water and then wring it out and gently wipe the oil from my face. All of the makeup comes away onto the flannel. I usually rinse out the flannel and repeat.

That’s it! It leaves your skin feeling very clean and moisturised. If you have oily skin don’t worry – it is actually beneficial to use oil based cleansers if you have oily skin prone to spots. If you over-use astringent cleansers and try to remove the oil from your skin the more it produces (or so I believe) and so this course of action is actually counter-productive. Cleansing with oils means that your skin won’t over-produce its own oils because it won’t have to.

  • Tone

I don’t do this all that often because my skin is so sensitive but if I have any signs of a spot coming I’ll do this and it is a good toner if you don’t have sensitive skin. I sweep some slightly diluted apple cider vinegar (with the mother) over the area. You can do this over any parts of your face that you’d like to tone.

To be honest I really don’t feel the need to tone and I don’t do it very often at all.

This is the apple cider vinegar brand I use. I also add a little to my henna mix when I dye my hair.

This is the apple cider vinegar brand I use. I also add a little to my henna mix when I dye my hair.

  • Moisturise

Usually after cleansing with oil I don’t need to do any extra moisturising but if I really want to treat my skin then I’ll rub a little extra oil in, leave it for a few minutes and then dab off any excess. Then I’ll go to bed and wake up with super moisturised skin.

So basically I use only oil and occasionally cider vinegar on my face to cleanse and moisturise and the skin on my face has never looked better! (Clearly that’s not altogether true – it looked WAY better when I was younger!)

I have started to use more natural makeup products with various degrees of success and I’ll do a separate post about that soon.

As always I’d love to hear from anybody else who uses natural products and has recommendations!

I hope this has been interesting and useful.

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